Thursday, December 14, 2006

Looky There, Looky There...

They call it the steek!

A crochet steek to be exact.

This is now officially my favorite way to do steeks. Sadly, I didn't plan ahead for it, so I did the steek stitches pretty deep (I think I did 7 steek stitches). I should've only done 5 or even 3. Since this sweater had crochet bands, I didn't need a wide facing.

Here's the crochet done:

and the steek cut:
A great way to do steeks, that's for sure.

I have to admit, I've never been fearful of cutting my knitting. I know a lot of knitters fear the scissors. I guess because I grew up sewing that I just see the knitting as any fabric. Steeks really really aren't hard, and I knew that even if the crochet steek didn't work, my handy sewing machine isn't that far off... and I can always use it to keep the stitches from unraveling.

So I should have this done today after the crochet button bands, a few ends to weave in yet then a visit to my handy dandy steam iron (which I hope really helps my uneven stranding. Three colors per row isn't my forte')

Now let's see if this actually ever publishes!!!

Keep On Knittin'!


  1. Nancy J10:05 AM

    Yes, it published -- great looking sweater!

  2. Yes, steeking is our friend - nice!

  3. Your sweater is beautiful -- Wow!

    I just caught up on your blog posts and I see that poor Matt has a problem with his calf. I hope that he gets some good news soon. It's tough not being able to ride. C paces like a caged cat when he can't go out!!!!


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