Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Not in love...

I'm still having issues with Blogger. According to the forums it's a simple matter of changing the FTP path in my settings, but that doesn't seem to work consistantly. I'm currently downloading movable type and so I can see how hard it'll be to move my blog to it. We'll see.

In Matt news: the orthopedic doctor isn't so sure Matt's leg is fractured. He's off today to get a bone scan, but it looks like it's more likely to be an over use injury, which is actually worse news. Soft tissue injuries are difficult to deal with. It's about resting it, and guessing when you can use it again without reinjuring it.

I'm going to probably finish up the knitting part of the Lopi sweater today... I would like to steek it tomorrow and get the bands on it so I can block it Friday. I'm not sure I have enough of one of the colors. If I don't, the buttonband will be in one color.

Sorry the blog is so wonky right now... I want to get back to the Year in Review, but I don't want to spend a lot of time setting up a blog that doesn't get published....

Happy Knitting!

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