Monday, December 18, 2006

Back to the Year in Review

I'm going to have to buckle down and switch out from using Blogger. The new update is really annoying and the FTP still isn't working for me. The reason I always liked Blogger was it's user friendly interface. Even non techie people can get it to work. Not anymore. I'm pretty sure my RRS feeds still aren't working.

Anyway just a quick update on the Lopi sweater. It's done except I need to put a facing over the screwed up steek. I'll pop up to Joann's today and look for some ribbon.

Okay, let's get to the Year in Review:

designed by Elisbeth Lavold and knit in her Cotton Patine yarn.

I loved this top! It was a fun and fast knit. It was a great color and it looked nice on me. So what's up with the past tense? Um, the yarn wasn't color fast. I used to store my sweaters on shelves that got some sun and this one faded terribly. I can't wear it as is. Eventually I'll probably dye it, but I'm sad that the color didn't last. I've also heard that the yarn fades with washing as well. So I plan on replacing it with a more durable yarn one of these days (it really was a fast knit). It's just as well, as the color palette for the Cotton Patine is pretty limited for my skin tone (there were only maybe 3 colors to chose from).

So the year started off well... great finished projects and even Garnet got quite a bit of wear before it started fading... let's see if that continues....

Keep on Knittin'!


  1. That's a shame about Garnet. It is a beautiful sweater. Glad you came up with a fix for the steek.

  2. Nancy J8:34 AM

    Your feed's been workin' and here it is this morning....

  3. The Garnet looks so good on you! I can't wit to see on you again...


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