Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Projects and Looking Back

I didn't make it to Joann's yesterday so the Lopi sweater still isn't done. Oh well. I'll do it today.

I spent the bulk of yesterday working on the Because I Love You sweater. The confession is that I'm finding the 2 X 2 rib actually a nice knit. I was really concerned that I would be bored to death, but in fact, I've picked up a nice little rhythm with it and it's zooming along.

So back and front done, shoulders attatched and the neckband done. Matt tried it on last night and it has approval. It's going to be a snug little sweater on him with the ribbing really showing off his build. Maybe that's why it's been such a fun knit? heehee

So I'll pick up stitches on the one side for the sleeves (I always do drop shoulder style sleeves top down if I can). I think I will get this done for Christmas after all... if not, at least by the end of the year!

One of the ways I keep myself moving forward is by setting very specific goals for myself each day. Once that goal is reached, the rest of the day I can work on what ever want. I've been working dilegently on the Basketweave ribbed socks, and I'm about ready to start the toe shaping on the first sock (sorry I forgot to take a picture). But let's face it, I need something fun for me!!! (not that the socks aren't for me or that they're not fun... but they're socks... and I'm a sweater girl!!!)

I cast on the Nantucket Cardigan from the cover of Interweave Knits (winter 2006) in Cotton Ease in Rose (one of the new colors). My gauge is really really lose on the sweater. The cables aren't popping the way I would want them. So I'm going to drop down a needle size. Problem is that I don't have any free needles to do that... so on to plan B:

A simple shawl collared cable cardigan. In slut red (also Cotton Ease... but one of the discontinued colors). Ya, did I mention that I have 4.5" of 2 X 2 ribbing before I hit the cable pattern! What was I thinking... that I haven't been doing enough 2 X 2 ribbing?????

Anyway, this is a great little pattern booklet:
There's that great cover sweater, plus a beautiful Kathy Zimmerman design and at least two other cardigans in it that I would make in a heart beat!

Okay, that takes care of new business, let's look back on the next Year in Review project:

The Entrelac Tuxedo Vest:

The Entrelac Tuxedo Vest. An Oat Couture pattern knit in Noro Kuyeron and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.

This was a fun fast knit and I really like the way it turned out. I goofed a bit on the directions (would help if I actually read them) and it ended up being a bit too big on me. So I haven't worn it much. I'm still debating if I should frog (not easy due to the way I did the entrelac) or just give it away... so we'll say it was a semi successful project. Looks good, quality construction, but doesn't quite fit.

Well, off to the grocery store and Joann's... then back to the knitting!!!

Keep On Knittin'!

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  1. Love that entrelac vest! I've never had much interest in trying my hand at entrelac, but that vest makes me think twice about it.

    I just did a quick scan through of your posts this month and everything is GORGEOUS!


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