Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yet an other lame blog

Sorry about the lack of blogging lately. I've discovered that quilting doesn't make as interesting blog material as knitting (it's hard to see progress when quilting a queen sized quilt).

I went shopping with Ann on Monday and a little stash enhancement happened. I got some Encore to make Matt a Christmas gift (of all the sweaters I've made him, it's the Encore vest that he wears/loves the most). I also got some fabric to make Jake a little blanket. He sleeps on a crappy cheap "felt" blanket that we used when we were crate training him. 10 years ago. So it'll be good practice for me, too. I really want my piecing to get more precise.

Speaking of Jake, he's off to the Vet's this morning. He's in a lot of pain and hopefully the vet can help us out. It's truely heartbreaking to see him suffer like this. He won't go down the stairs and he cries if you try to touch him. The damp cold weather is probably to blame and I think the arthritits has just gotten really bad.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry Jake isn't feeling well..Hope the Vet can make him comfortable!

  2. Poor Jake. A warm new blanky will help, but let him keep the old one too!

  3. Poor Jake! I know how he feels!
    They might want to check him for Lymes as well. We lost a German Shepherd to Lymes years ago and one of his first symptoms was sore joints.

    Hope to see you tomorrow.


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