Monday, October 16, 2006


ya, those clever titles just keep coming!

Weekend update:

Hmmm, not much in the crafty area. Unless you count baking cookies. Matt's race team had their end of season picnic on Saturday so I baked cookies and made soup. It was cold (brrr) for a picnic. Also note to self: chocolate chip cookies and Hefeweinzen probably aren't the best pairing.

Of course I took my camera. It was all nice and snug in my purse the entire party... so no pics.

Sunday was chore day followed by some football watching... again, not a lot of crafty stuff done.

The good news is that I finished Blood Omen 2. I was never able to beat the final boss the first time I played it. So that just leaves me with trying to play the first Legacy of Kain game. The problem with it is the age. It was made 10 years ago and it's an old style top down view game. Might not be bad on the PC, but on the Playstation, it's simply hard to see. I'm not used to this style game (as it's not used any more).

So I'm back in game limbo. I've got my eye on a couple of new games... specifically Okami.

Looks like a beautiful game... and a true action adventure game (my favorite style of game).

The quilt wasn't touched all weekend and I probably won't get to it today, as I'm running some errands. Speaking of such... off to get my day started!

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  1. Had to laugh at the beer/chocolate chip cookie pairing. We went to Ed's HS reunion on Saturday. The couple hosting it put together a nice supper - chili, salad, and all the trimmings. Despite that, one of Ed's friends had nothing all night but - you guessed it, beer and chocolate chip cookies. :-)


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