Friday, October 13, 2006

Quilting, Crocheting and Blood Sucking

Ah the joys of all my hobbies!

First let me say that I do think my Singer will be visiting an other repair shop. It's a decent machine (at one time it was Singer's top of the line... 10 years ago) so it might be worth an other shot. I'm pretty happy with my cheap little machines right now, so I'm in no hurry.

I spent yesterday doing the quilting on the bowtie quilt. Between still getting used to a new sewing machine, using cotton thread for the first time as well as the walking foot, I struggled a bit (especially when the pivoting section on the walking foot wasn't tight enough and the foot kept falling off... until I tightened the screw... ya, that made a difference).

I'm not big on the cotton thread. Now I admit that I may be using hand quilting thread. It's pretty thick and there's not a lot of flexibility to it. It's running thru my machine fine, but winding the bobbin was fun. I spent some time practicing and then I jumped right in.

It's slow going. A queen size quilt ain't so small. It's a lot of physical work to move the quilt around, but the walking foot rocks! Right now I'm just outlining the bowties so it's pretty straight forward. Just follow the seams! The next thing will be to do the inside of the bowties, and I'll have to be a little more careful. Then decide what to do in the large white sections.

I did start a simple crochet project last night while watching The Closer on DVD. Just a simple little wrap to toss over my shoulders in the mornings since it's gotton a bit chilly. Mindless in a hot pink baby yarn. Soft and snuggly.

The other thing I'm doing is playing Blood Omen 2. This is part of the Legacy of Kain series, but as I mentioned before not quite like the other games. I only played thru it once before and was never able to beat the final boss. We'll see. It seems a bit easier this time (I still don't like the controls or the fighting style... but I love Kain. He's an arrogant vampire with a really hot voice). It's always fun to play these types of games this time of year. I might have to pull out Fatal Frame again and try it. That is one scary game (creepy and the only weapon is a camera... now that's scary!).

Happy Knitting... or quilting... or crocheting... or blood sucking!!!

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