Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Repair Shop Broke My Sewing Machine

Let me say that Blogger is having some issues today, so I hope this even works...

Matt picked up my Singer from the repair shop yesterday. I took the machine in because it could use a good cleaning/oil and I was having some issues with the bobbin tension. However, it worked.

It no longer works at all. While the thread tension wasn't great, it was still a usable machine. However it came back to me in non-working form. I am not happy about this.

Since it's an computerized machine, if there's something "missing" it knows it and won't let you sew. They removed part of the upper tension system (the final little wired section that the thread goes thru before it goes into the needle. With out that piece, it won't sew. I'm guessing that's the piece that they couldn't get to fix the machine.

However, they made it worse. I am not happy. I do think I might try taking it some place else to see if it can be fixed. This just doesn't seem right.


  1. I wish you luck in your sewing machine saga.

  2. I think it's an omen. Obviously the universe thinks you should stick with knitting. :-)

  3. Try Hayes hon - the guy there used to work for Pfaff. If you need a buddy to drive there with you I'd love to go and stop at the cross stitch store on the way.


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