Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The hard part done?

I finally got my quilt top basted together. After procrastinating on it for 10 years, it took me a full day of back breaking work to pin it all together. Well, most of it is pinned, I ran out of saftey pins before I hit the border. So part of it is thread basted.

It looks great laid out, that's for sure. I know that one of the reasons I was procrastinating on it was the back breakingness of it. I really spent most of the day on it. I didn't want to leave it on the living room floor (and it was hard enough to keep the dogs off of it as it was). So I spent from about 10:30ish laying it out (with some much appreciated help from Kate and Lydia) then pinning it. I got done a little after 3:00. One very short break for lunch and a short break to chat with Lauren. I then spent the rest of the afternoon playing Blood Omen 2. (while I love the Legacy of Kain series, this one is not my favorite... the story is a bit off the main story and the game play isn't very well done. I was never able to beat the final boss. Plus there's no Raziel... oh sorry, got on a tangent there, didn't I?)

Now comes the fun part: actual quilting. I'm going to machine quilt it and I've never done anything this large before. I've made a few haps, but I think struggling with all this bulk is going to be a bit of a challenge. If it doesn't work well on my sewing table, I'll use the dining room table.

I probably won't get to it today, as I have some things to do today (including grocercies... ugh). Let's just hope it doesn't take me 10 more years of procrastination to get started with the quilting....


  1. Hey
    what a wonder , you a closet quilter. I like the way you started with something small.
    make sure you have enough table to support the whole quilt and raise your chair up to wear your elbows rest on the table. That will help with back strain. Take it one block at a time and you will finish in no time , good luck !

  2. If I can help any more, let me know! I had an idea about the quilting that might help-- I'll send an email.

  3. Good luck with your quilt! Congratulations for finishing the 10-yr. project. It must feel great!!

    Today is the big day for the 360pg. Floyd documents. I only hope TBV and Rant will translate (the science, as well as the French. I love it but there's a lot of chemistry I just can't follow in this thing).


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