Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Who Me? A Quilter?

As of right now, I don't consider myself a quilter. I buy quilting fabric (hey, I don't consider myself a sock knitter, but boy do I buy a lot of sock yarn). I buy quilting books. I've even pieced together a few projects.

Today I will take the next step to become a quilter: Basting my first quilt together. I've been avoiding this step. I've been avoiding this step for almost 10 years.

Here's a bad photo of the quilt top (I had to use a flash... I hate having to use a flash):

oh, did I mention my first quilting project was a queen sized quilt?

Here's a detail (still with a flash, so some of the detail is washed out):

So I figured if I keep lecturing Theresa about not fearing her knitting... and you don't know if you can do it until you give it a go, I figured I needed to get this done.

So I spent some time yesterday doing some pressing (I've had the back, the batting and the top ready to go for 10 years) and Matt and I moved some furniture in the living room to be able to lay it out (still need to do a sweep up of dog hair).

I only plan on basting it today. I want to practice the actual quilting process a bit. I also do have some knitting to do...

Speaking of such: the Angora Cabled sweater is moving along rather quickly. I don't feel like I've put a lot of time into that sweater, yet the second sleeve is past the cable section. I think the reason it's moving so quickly is that I just love the Elsebeth Lavold angora yarn. So yummy to work with!

Well, lot's to do today... so off to get my shower and pull out the sweeper (hmmm, quilting may be the best way to make sure the house gets vacuumed regularly?)

Happy Knitting!


  1. Nancy J11:32 AM

    Beautiful quilt top! If you end up hating it, it can come visit my queen size bed!!!

  2. Nancy J11:33 AM

    Beautiful quilt top! If you end up hating it, it can come visit my queen size bed!!!


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