Monday, September 11, 2006

Ugh Monday

I made a really yummy espresso spice cake yesterday. A nice coffee cake that was like a mild gingerbread. Great with coffee. However, even tho' I had decaf coffee, I didn't use decaf to bake the cake. I paid for it last night. Let's just say I'm a wee bit groggy this morning.

Had a lovely weekend. Since I'm beat this morning, I'm being lazy about photos.

I worked on Matt's Natural Beauty Fair Isle so the back is past the armhole shaping. So it's a straight (if not boring) garter rib to the shoulders.

I have the left front done on the Angora Cables and Lace sweater. The right front is past the cable section, so it's moving along well.

I cast on about 6 socks over the weekend, but none of them really worked well for what I wanted to do.

I worked a bit on some gift knitting.

I cast on an entrelac satchel for a charity auction. That's what I plan on working on today. I want to get it done so I'm not worrying about it at the last minute. Just like my other gift knitting.

It was a fun weekend. Football season is in full swing, the weather is more comfortable. Makes me want to work on an afghan. But I can't. Must finish up some things that are on deadline.

Off to knit! Happy Knitting!

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