Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Quick Update

The first panel is done on the entrelac satchel (the top attatched I cord was finished after I took the picture). The other panel is cast on and I'm on my second row. I should have that panel done today, but I might take a break and work on something else for a bit today.

Not much else to report. Got a bit of a bump on the head yesterday and I'm still a bit headachy, which makes me grouchy (oh and that whole camera/computer thing is always a fun way to start the day).

So off to take some asprin and do some knitting. I should go for grocercies. Ya that sounds like fun!


  1. Nancy J10:24 AM

    Cute entrelac satchel! Really like the color progression. Gee, I was clutsy yesterday but mine was hitting both arms at different times on door frame. And the rain's moving in today to WPA yuck! I don't care if we are 3" below average, we don't need any more precip right now! Must be time to hibernate and knit....

  2. so I will be bumping into you at the grocery store this am. :)
    Satchel looks awesome. Still in picot hell at my house.

  3. The satchel looks great! I admire you for knitting those tiny squares. I tried once and it was really difficult.

    Hope you are feeling better today!

    P.S. Were you at Doylestown for the race/ride over the weekend? (I read somewhere that Floyd and his family had made an appearance there. It must have been so nice for folks to see him).

  4. The satchel looks great. I love the colors. I hope your bump on the head didn't keep from your knitting.


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