Friday, September 08, 2006

What's With This??

I didn't knit much yesterday...

I spent 2 hours at Joann's browsing patterns and waiting to get fabric cut. My cutter was not very efficient.

Here's what I got:

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Fabrics to make two seperate outfits. The top fabric is for a skirt (more about that later). The next two fabrics are for a skirt (the patterned fabric) and a coordinating wrap knit top. The bottom fabric was to be for a jacket to match the first fabric. However, in better light, they don't match well at all. The skirt fabric has some black in it, and I think it's going to be easier to try to match that, as the browns just aren't working.

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Here's the patterns I bought. The wrap top is for the hot pink and the pattern in the center is for the jacket. I'll use skirt patterns I already have.

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Here's the first skirt finished. It's actually my favorite Vogue skirt pattern that I've had for like 15 years... classic never goes out of style. A good basic A line skirt. Two hours to sew. Perfect for fall. Now I just need to find fabric for a jacket.

So here's the funny part. I spent a lot of money at Joann's (pattern, fabric, thread, a zipper and sewing machine needles). I now have to make these clothes, which I can't try on first (which is why I love that skirt pattern) and hope they fit and look nice on me. However, I've been procrastinating on an order to LL Bean for some jeans and turtlenecks because I didn't want to spend the money. I spent more money at Joann's.

There's something really wrong with that.

So I've learned that I can do skirts well to fit, now I just need to work on the tops part of it. I think the knit top is a good start... I know it's easier to buy knit tops, so I think sewing them will be easier too. Right?

I had a lot of fun sewing yesterday. My machine worked well (thank goodness for cheap, yet reliable back up sewing machines). The skirt went together really well and I'm very pleased with it. So do I tempt fate and try to get a top made today or should I work on some of the knitting that sitting here? Maybe a bit of both...

Happy Knitting!


  1. Your skirt looks great. I love the pattern on the fabric.

  2. Nancy J12:42 PM

    Great going! I just trashed a White sewing machine last week. That leaves me with a treadle and a machine in the attic that's from the 1940's! Maybe I ought to oil my treadle and get to sewin'!

  3. Very nice skirt! Looks perfect for fall weather.


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