Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nap Tested...

...Jake Approved:

Doesn't even mind napping on the cat flannel.

I did get the sheep pajamas started yesterday. The pants are done (and I think I'm going to go down a size for the next pair) and the top is well underway. I won't finish the top until my good machine comes back from the repair shop (it's that buttonhole thing again).

Not much else new. I had to take some time for a little clean up in my sewing room... something I should do between each project, but I never do.

Ann's going to stop by to felt her latest Lucy Bag (she's a little Lucy Bag knitting machine!) and I hope to finish up the sheep pajamas! I think I need to get back to some gift making this week... I also need to finish up the Entrelac Satchel before Monday. Ugh... I sorta forgot about that. Who decided to do the attatched I cord again??? oh, ya that was me....

Happy Knitting!!!


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM


    No dogs allowed.
    Miss Lulu -- how could you have let your Daddy take pictures of a dog?!?


  2. What the????

    Your comment makes absolutely no sense:

    A: if you read my blog, you know I have 2 very much loved dogs. They are my babies.

    B: Why do you assume that the pictures was taken by Miss Lulu's Daddy?

    C: Who the hell is Miss Lulu?

    Maybe before you leave "anonymous" comments, you should verify what blog you are reading.

  3. Jake looks very adorable resting in your new fabric. Did he enjoy his nap there?

  4. Wow. Apparently Miss Lulu's daddy angered the anonymous Runty.

    So... now I can't remember what the hell my comment was going to be!

  5. Oh yeah!

    Why didn't you just do the "Decorative Whip Stitch"???


  6. What a sweet dog! It looks like you are making great progress with your flannels!!

    Looking forward to seeing your entrelac satchel -- I admire knitters who do this. As much as I don't mind tiny needles, I can't get past all those little squares, LOL.

    Floyd is having his hip surgery today. We hope everything goes smoothly and he is as pain-free as possible. My sister had hip surgery of a different kind, and it was really brutal for the first few weeks.

  7. Cindy -- I sincerely apologized. I was switching between two blogs and by the time I realized it was the wrong blog it was too late. I did not mean to criticize you or your dogs. It was meant as a joke between my cat (Runty) and Miss Lulu -- another web cat. I am very sorry to post upset you. Again I apologize. I will triple check the blog owner the next time I comment on anything. I like your blog and read it on a regular basis. Runty the cat also sends his apologies to your babies.
    Aporanee Schauer -- Runty's mom

  8. Aaaw, it's been a long time since we've seen the pups.


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