Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fabric and Yarn

I admit the main reason I knit and sew is so I can buy stuff. I love fabric. I love yarn. I love yarn because it makes fabric (which is why I have an interest in learning to weave, but not in spinning). I love the possibilities of what I can do with these supplies (actually, I love art supplies too... I think that's why I went to an art college... so I could buy art supplies).

So my flannel that I ordered on Friday arrived yesterday (that certainly rocks, now doesn't it? Tymber Creek Fabrics... a super selection of flannels with fast and friendly service!) I prewashed and dried it so it's all ready for sewing today.

So anyone wanna guess what I'll be using first?

Click to enlarge

ya, probably the sheep. I'll want to have those ready for Stitches East (hmmm, you might see me walking the vendor floor with my sheep pj's carrying around Sam the Ram!)

My high end sewing machine is in the repair shop. Cleaning, oil and to fix the bobbin tension. It should be done by the end of the week, but Matt probably won't pick it up until Monday.

Knitting-wise not much new to report, a little sock knitting and I worked on Matt's sweater. I'm obviously planning on spending most of today in my sewing room. I gots me some pajamas to make! Or a jacket... I still need regular clothes. As much as I would like to wear nothing but pajamas, it's not always practical... unless I decide to become eccentric and I'm not quite there yet...

Oh, and Kristen, for a list of yarn shops in my area, check out Theresa's blog. She has a list on her side bar (her faves, and there are more than that). SE Pennsylvania is so full of yarn stores it's not even funny. If you're looking for a great vacation, you really can't beat the Lancaster, PA area. My friend Rosie has a Bed and Breakfast and she's willing to commute yarn shoppers around to the different stores. If you like to bike ride, there is no better place to bike! There's a reason all the local races are out that way. Quiet roads, lots of hills and lots of slow moving vehicles (ie: horse and buggies) already on the road, with some beautiful scenery. I should also add that Olde Peddler Wools in Morgantown is a yarn/cyclist lover's dream. Darlene also has a passion for biking and we end up talking more about that (and specifically Floyd Landis) while I shop there.

Well off to get out of my pajamas into real clothes so I can make more pajamas!!!!
Happy Sewing/Knitting!!!


  1. Personally, I am partial to the Java jammies :-)

  2. I just love the sheepy fabric. I wish I could sew! :-)

  3. It sounds like the perfect vacation spot for a knitter/biker (except the hills!) Hey, my husband had his 5 week Alaska adventure last year. I think I deserve my own little vacation. He can come if he wants to put up with lots of yarn shopping!


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