Monday, September 25, 2006

How's it going?

Actually, quite well, thanks for asking!

I did a little of this, a little of that over the weekend. I finished one of my gift projects on Friday (so no picture).

I also have all the entrelac done on the entrelac satchel, so now I'm doing the attatched I cord. Which is slow going!
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I also got a good chunk done on Matt's Natual Beauty Fair Isle:
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The back is done and I'm working on the front. The garter rib isn't the most exciting knitting in the world, so I'm looking forward to getting to the sleeves and back to some actual fair isle knitting on it!

I also finished up a repeat on the Diamond Fantasy Scarf:
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That's chart A and one repeat done. I love the look of this lace pattern and the yarn is just yummy. It's going to be a very cozy shawl when it's done.

Speaking of shawls, the Landscape Shawl (no pictures today) is getting really close. I have about 16 more rows to go. I try to work a row or two every day, so hopefully it well be done next week...

I also finally got the pajamas finished (also no new picture). I did use my "good" machine, but the bobbin tension is way off. Matt's going to drop it off at the repair shop today (hopefully). It's a decent machine, and I much prefer doing buttonholes with it than my backup machine. The backup machine will do until it comes back. I really enjoyed making the pajamas... so much so, that I ordered a bunch of cute flannels to make some more (including a special fabric for Stitches East... more on that when the fabric comes in).

Oh, and I did start something new:
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A sock using Cherry Tree Hill Farm sock yarn and the Fiber Trends Peak Experience sock pattern (the Angel's Lace pattern). Yep... and that's a lemming project. Theresa is making them (in a different colorway) in preperation for a class she's teaching at Olde Peddler's Wool in Morgantown and I thought they looked really nice. Easy interestiing pattern. Maybe one of these days I'll finish an other pair of socks. I seem to be pretty good at starting them... finishing them is a whole other story.

So a productive weekend, including a little shopping (a new yarn store opened up in Adamstown... right next to Stoudt's Brewery. Does life get better than a yarn store and a world renowned microbrewery?).

Today will be some laundry, some knitting and some sewing (not necessarily in that order...). My sewing room and my laundry room are at opposite ends of the house (can't physically be any further apart in our 60's split level), so doing laundry and sewing isn't the most efficient combination (however, I actually knit in the same room as my laundry...).

Okay, enough blogging... off to sort laundry!
Happy Knitting!!

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  1. Another yarn store in your vicinity?! You are so lucky!


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