Wednesday, August 02, 2006

YarnQuest: The Shoalwater Shawl Saga

So here's where I stand: either I'm not really thrilled with the Shoalwater Shawl pattern or I just don't know what yarn to buy for it.

I've now purchased two yarns to make this shawl and neither are working. Both are gorgeous yarns, with lovely colors/fiber/sheen. However, the colors are very subtle and not really showing off the waves in the shawl.

I tried the Brooks Farm yarn I got at the TKGA (as suggested by Lauren). It is what I bought the yarn for, and I had tried it when I got it. I thought I would try it again. Nope, the colors are beautiful, but the subtle color change and the consistant value of the yarn doesn't work with the pattern. The pattern hides the beauty of the yarn while the yarn hides the beauty of the pattern.

I have an other canidate in my stash and it scares me. It's lace weight. I'm kinda avoiding knitting this pattern in lace weight. There's no reason I couldn't, or even shouldn't, but I'm looking down the road when I've got the 1 billion stitches on my needles and thinking "why didn't I chose a nice sport weight yarn?"

Anyway, I'll swatch it up today. If it doesn't work, then I'll go buy something else.

The Silver Creek Gansey is now officially on the front yoke. I finished the back up yesterday. I'll work in it a bit today. I know I know... 103 degrees F today. Wool sweater. I don't really care. First I'm sitting in my nicely air conditioned house, second I love the sweater so much I can't wait to get it done and third, Matt's still out training in this heat so I think I can handle a little wool sweater.

Speaking of Matt, tomorrow is his birthday and tonight we're having a little celebration with our neighbors (Bob's birthday was mid-July). It's a guy's themed dinner: steak, corn on the cobb, ice cream cake. Which also means easy for the cook!

So off to do a quick grocery run (maybe via Morgantown?) and do some knitting (and some Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenol?)

Happy Knitting!


  1. Have you looked at some of the choices of Fleece Artist for the shawl? Lot's of variation of fibers and color.

  2. I'm knitting away slowly on the gansey, trying to keep up-- or at least not get totally left in the dust! You're inspiring me to keep going!

  3. The Shoalwater Shawl that is on display at The Mannings was done in Wool in the Woods Cherub (Cherub 100% wool. 200 yds. 28 sts = 4" on #3 needles)in Nothin' But Blues. That color is no longer available although still on their website but they have other new colors. It was the perfect yarn IMHO for that shawl.

  4. MarilynB9:51 AM

    It's Wednesday park...right?
    There is a yarn company in TX that has some beautiful multicolor yarns but can I rememeber the name? Noooooo, but if I do I'll let you know.
    Happy Birthday to Matt.

  5. How about sapphire from Sock that Rocks? It has bright blues that I think will show off both the design and the yarn nicely. Or maybe something sport-weight from Mountain Colors? Aporanee

  6. Cindy, please give Matt a Big Birthday Hug from one of his fans! BTW...I have orded Noro Silk Garden Lite for my shawl, boy I hope it works. Have an enjoyable night!

  7. LisaK4:59 PM

    Well, if you want enablement....

    Look at

    Sock! and Sock Merino are both awesome for shawls. She has several colors that would be great too. Denim, Pacific, Seaglass.....

    Sigh, so much yarn, so little time. I haven't met one yet I didn't like.

  8. Happy Birthday to Matt! Looking forward to tomorrow night!


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