Thursday, August 03, 2006

Got it!

I broke down and cast on the Joslyn's Fiber Farm lace yarn in peacock yesterday from my stash.

Yep, that's what I had in mind. It's a little hard to tell in the photo, but I think this yarn is going to show the waves really well.

Thanks to everyone that made suggestions, but I really wanted to try to use something from my stash before I bought more yarn.

As I said yesterday, the only reason I hesitated with this yarn in the first place was because I know I've got a lot of knitting down the road. Those rows are gonna get pretty long! Hey, at least the even rows aren't purled! If I had decided to buy yarn, I probably would've ordered in from Joslyn. Thanks for all the suggestions!

I didn't do much knitting yesterday. I cast the Shoalwater on and did a row or two on the Silver Creek Gansey. We had a lovely dinner and visit with our friends last night and we don't have much planned for today. I asked Matt what he wanted to do. He usually has a training ride on Thursday nights, but his calf is a little sore so he might rest it since he has a race on Saturday. I already made plans for tonight assuming he was riding, but he said he doesn't want to go out for dinner or anything. So he's going to have a pretty low keyed birthday today. (anyone willing to bet he still ends up riding tonight?).

I'm going to spend the bulk of today knitting on the Silver Creek Gansey and I'll work on the Shoalwater tonight at our first SnBKAL night!

Happy Knitting!!!


  1. Cindy, I love the yarn! Your shawl will be beautiful!

  2. Happy b-day to Matt! Have fun tonight! The shawl is going to be lovely in that yarn.

  3. That yarn is going to show the pattern nicely, and it is always a plus when you find the right yarn for the project in your stash. Happy birthday to Matt! And I am betting that as he was crazy enough to ride in yesterday's heat, he won't let a little soreness stop him today!

  4. Tell Matt - Happy Birthday!! It's a great month for a birthday, my neices is today and mine is tomorrow!! Have fun at you KAL tonite.

  5. Oh, this is going to look so great - I think the yarn is just perfect for that pattern! Looking forward to seeing more of it!

  6. What beautiful colours, and just perfect for the pattern!


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