Monday, August 07, 2006

I See a Bad Mood Monday.

yep, starting the day off pretty grumpy. Apologies if the blog is whiney or just rude.

Matt says thanks for all the birthday wishes!! We celebrated on Friday by going out to lunch and just spending the day together. Very nice.

Saturday he raced in two races (well, it was actually just one race, but he raced in two different catagories: the 3/4 and the 4/5). The second race just about blew him up (he still finished 18th). The first race was a sprinter's race, yet he managed a 4th place finish. He said it was like a Seasame Street number: one of these things is not like the other. All those big, strong sprinters, then there's Matt: the angry lawn gnome.

This coming weekend is the Tour de Christiana. This is one of the biggest races in the area and is actually a stage race. Saturday will be the road race (which Jim won last year). On Sunday they'll start with an early morning Time Trial and then have a crit in the afternoon (Jim actually won the overall race as well last year... and has a good shot this year as well). It was a good race for the team last year.

Sadly, the Tour de Christiana and the Knit In at The Mannings is the same weekend (again), so I won't make the road race. However, I'll make the Time Trial and the Crit on Sunday (and note to self: even if it's overcast: WEAR SUNSCREEN!!! I got burnt to a crisp last year and couldn't move for 3 days).

I've been working away on some projects. Specifically the Silver Creek Gansey, which is now at the sleeves: The neckline is done and I love the way it's fitting so far.

I also am up to 50 rows finished on the Shoalwater Shawl: Dang, that's going to take a while, eh?

I actually got some fabric to sew up some skirts yesterday, so I may spend some time sewing today. Or I just may work on some sleeves. Or cast something on (Sunrise Circle Jacket that I've been obsessing about since I tried it on last week while at the Yarn Gallery in Reading, perhaps???)

So off to make something!!! Happy Knitting!


  1. I am loving the gansey! Hee hee - angry lawn gnome! Hey, I didn't detect any grumpiness in your post. Have a great Monday, Cindy.

  2. I had a grumpy Sunday, so I totally know where you're coming from. That shawl is going to be beautiful when it's done - you're tempting me to cast on something fine-gauged and lacy! :)

  3. Hi Cindy,

    I love the blue yarn you've chosen for your shawl -- it really looks like waves. The gansey is looking great too!

    Belated birthday wishes to your husband, and best of luck on his races this weekend! C's race in Tokeneke was cancelled, so I'm not sure where we'll be headed off to. He rode everyday on vacation and is now in the rest period.

    You don't seem grumpy to me, but I do hope you have a better day. :)


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