Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ya, this whole morning thing sucks

Yesterday ended up being a lovely day. I worked on my new skirt and I'll finish it up today (just need to hem the lining and hand sew the rest of the waistband on). Last night was SnB (I don't think Lauren and I are going to be allowed to sit together again... but go and look at how cool her entrelac satchel* is turning out!!!). I had a really fun time!

My problem right now is I'm not sleeping. I'm getting about 4 hours and I'm not getting up in a cheerful, bright eyed and busy tailed way. Part of it is weather related and part of it hormone. I know that I'll eventually get back to my regular sleep habits soon, but right now, mornings are not good.

So the skirt is looking great as is the Silver Creek Gansey: I'm about at the elbow on the first sleeve. I'll have this puppy finished up this week (but I'm guessing it's going to be too warm to wear to the Knit In at The Mannings this weekend, eh?).

The other progress report is for the Landscape Shawl (sorry, no pic). I've hit the last section, so I figure about 30 more rows to go. I'm averaging about a row a day (I only knit on it in the morning while I'm having my coffee).

So today's goals: finish up the new skirt. Decrease away on my first sleeve for the Silver Creek Gansey. Take a nap.

Happy Knitting!

*I've added a link on the sidebar for the Entrelac Satchel. The first link is for the pattern and the second link is a step by step guide on entrelac with photos.


  1. Good Morning! Not sleeping is awful...it really affects your whole day. I hope that you're able to get a good night's sleep soon, or at least a nap.

    It sounds like you've been making lots of progress on your knitting and sewing despite the lack of sleep. Are you finding it difficult to do the shawl?

    I meant to ask you yesterday what category your husband races in? Mine has just upgraded to Cat 4 last week, so we're excited about that. How long has Matt been racing?

    Hope your day is better. :)

  2. Thanks Debby. The sleep will come eventually!

    Matt's a cat 4 and hoping to move to cat 3 by the end of this season. This is his second season racing. He's done a lot more races this year. This weekend is really the last race for this season.


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