Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dang, that's not gonna work

I cast on the Shoalwater Shawl over the weekend and worked a few rows (35 to be exact) and realized that this yarn, as lovely as it is, isn't working well with the pattern:
I think it needs a more stripey yarn to highlight the waves in the shoalwater stitch pattern. Hrumph!

So a yarn searh is on, but this Anne yarn by Schaefer is just lovely and it will not go to waste. I'll use it for an other shawl pattern (Flower Basket perhaps?)

That's about all the knitting I got done yesterday. I only worked a couple of rows on the Silver Creek Gansey, but I'm hoping to get the back yoke done today.

Julie's and my playdate was a huge success. We got Theresa's handbag done:Nope, sorry, it's a surprise!!!

Nancy J asked in my comments about the Silver Creek Gansey pattern. I bought mine from a vendor at the TKGA conference in Valley Forge this year (and Kate bought her's from the same vendor at MDS&W). However, after a quick google I found it here. The pattern is by Silver Creek Classics. It's under their Light Worsted Weight and pattern number S-806.

I have to agree with Kristen: the photo on the pattern doesn't do it justice. The photography really doesn't show off the stitches at all. It makes me re evaluate all their patterns. I might be taking a second look at a lot of them.

Today I'll concentrate on getting that back yoke done and maybe swatch up an other yarn for the Shoalwater Shawl.

Happy Knitting!


  1. There are several Silver Creek on Black Water Abbey that have good photos.

  2. What about the yarn you bought yourself from Brooks Farm? You have enough, don't you? Those two skeins are Cindy colors and are more stripey than what you're working with now. Just a thought!

  3. Hey, what about the bag? I am dying to see it!

  4. I can't wait to see the bag either! I have more sample fabric too btw - two more bags!


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