Monday, July 31, 2006

The Not So Rare Monday Post

Lot's to talk about today!!!

I must say that my knitting groove is back. I'm so much in love with the Silver Creek Gansey that I can't put it down. The body was a nice easy knit and now that I'm in the yoke, it's even better. The pattern is easily memorized and it's going very quickly.

I'm halfway up the back yoke.

More on the Sunset Circle Jacket:

If you're thinking of knitting this, be sure to go over the Sunrise Circle KAL blog. There's some good sizing info from Kate Gilbert (the talented designer) and why it doesn't fit the model (no surprise... knitting samples are not made for the models, but usually for the designer/designer's family/designer's friends). So she has some suggestions on how to adjust the length/size if you need it.

I have to say that I absolutely loved the way it fit when I was at the Yarn Gallery. (and yes Kristen, the 35" fit me with the exception of the sleeves being a little too snug.. and they were barely snug. It was still wearable, but I wouldn't have been able to wear anything with sleeves). The 35" fit Nicole perfectly. Nicole is 5', and I'm 5'2".

The key to this jacket fitting well is having that waist shaping at the waist.

Our SnB group has decided to do our first KAL. We're going to meet once a week to work exclusivley on one project. We're going to start with the Shoalwater Shawl pattern. I've already cast mine on in a lovely Schaefer yarn called Anne (a wool/mohair blend sock yarn).

I've got a playdate set up with Julie for this afternoon so we can finish up the tote bag. Might have to do a quick grocery run this morning, but I'm having problems putting the Silver Creek Gansey down!!!!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Nancy J10:11 AM

    Silver Creek Gansey is gorgeous! Where might I find the pattern?

  2. Thanks for clarifying about the Sunrise Circle. The gansey is coming out great. You can really see the pattern in the cream color; it was hard to see in the dark yarn in the pattern photo.


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