Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Even Rarer Sunday Post

Yesterday was spent with "the girls". I met a few friends at Wegmans for some knitting and chatting. Theresa and I then dragged Nicole out to do some retail therapy. (just a quick kudos to Nicole as she has one of her cross stitch designs in the latest Keepsake Needlearts catalogue!)

We headed up to the Yarn Gallery in Reading PA (a lovely lovely shop that we knew Nicole would love). Well they had a shop sample of the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I'm thinking that trying on a knitted piece before you knit it is a wonderful idea.

Here's the issue. First, I'm full figured. My full bust measurement is 42", yet I have a narrow back and shoulders. I also should mention that I have heavy upper arms. That's right baby, it's all femine curves on me!!!

When I choose the sizing of my sweaters I usually shoot for about a 44" finished size. This has worked well for the patterns I've made this year.

The problem is that most of the sweaters I make are the boxy, loose fitting type sweaters and I want a nice drape on them... no clinging to my boobs or to my hips.

This is not the right mentality with the Sunrise Circle Jacket. The shop sample was done in 35" size and apart from the sleeves being a little snug (too snug for me to want to make that size), I realized that the size 45" that I had started is not going to work at all.

So I'll be frogging this baby and starting over:

I will say that I know I'm going to be thrilled with this jacket when it's done. It's very flattering for short shapely women. I had a concern about the neckline as I didn't think it sat on the model very well:
but now on closer inspection, it really doesn't fit that model well at all. It's not long enough and her sleeves are too short. Anyway, I loved the way the shop sample fit me... well apart from the sleeves (and Nicole looked stunning in it as well!).

We then headed down to one of my favorite yarn stores: Olde Peddler's Wools in Morgantown, PA. I always enjoy visiting with Darlene and we chatted quite a bit about Floyd Landis. I picked up a few skeins of Cascade 220 in a lovely coral color.

The Silver Creek Gansey has been split for the fronts and back. I'll try to get a picture of it up tomorrow. Unless I get distracted by other things (who me? get distracted??)


  1. You blew right by my with the Silver Creek gansey... I'm still knitting the plain lower body. It doesn't grow very fast when you knit only 2-4 rows a day! I'll try to focus better and catch up!

  2. I actually dreamed about that jacket last night. Thanks for the kudos - looking forward to lunch!

  3. Another yarn crawl, lucky you! I love Cascade 220. About the Sunrise Circle - are you saying that the 35" sample (except for the sleeves) almost fit you, and that you are frogging yours to downsize it? If so I'll need to keep that in mind if/when I ever knit it.

  4. Kate: well, I've got to admit that body sorta flew by. I worked on it during cutscenes while playing Ratchet and Clank!

    Nicole: oh I hear that. I can't wati to start over... now how often do I say that? (probably helps that I need a smaller size, no?)

    Kristen: the fit it very flexible "around", but not so flexible in length thanks to the waist shaping. Since the body length is done on the front in one piece with the sleeves, it's key... and the overlapping opening gives a lot of room for width adjustments. So yes, I'll be making the 37" size.


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