Monday, August 21, 2006

Uh Oh.... I'm late posting!

Happy Monday Morning... ya, I could use an other cup of coffee, too.

Here's the new/old sweater for Matt:

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I was pretty far with the body, but I had screwed up the transition between the fair isle border and the garter rib section. I decided I just couldn't live with it, so frogged it back to the border. It's moving along pretty quickly now.

The original pattern is done flat. Uh-hu... ya, like I'm going to knit fair isle flat, plus the garter rib is easy to do in the round. So I'll work in the round until I divide for the armholes. I even considered changing it to raglan, but Matt says he doesn't want raglan sleeves. Okey dokey... I'll just (shudder) follow the directions.

Here's the original pattern with my progress:

Click to Enlarge

It's a pattern from Family Circle Easy Knitting Fall 1999 issue. Sheesh, I think I need to get this done. I started this sweater when I first saw the pattern! However, to be fair, I did have to restart it once thanks to Matt's size change! I orginally started the 58" size for him. I'm now worried that the 44" might be too big for him. Sigh (ya Matt's at my goal weight).

So thanks everyone for the comments about the Silver Creek Gansey!! Some responses:

first, yes Matt can wear it. The armhole depth is a little shallow for him (for as small as he is, he's pretty muscular in the upper body... more so than most cyclists) and the sleeves are just a little short on him. I might try to block it a little longer so we can share it. I do think I'll knit him one too, but maybe in a navy or dark green.

Oh and see, Debby, it can take me 6 years to knit a sweater for Matt (see sweater above!), plus Matt's freakishly small (his words, not mine). Being under 5'6" and with a 29" waist, it's like knitting for an average sized woman... heehee. (oh and everyone needs to go check out the latest cycling gear on Debby's site!!).

I promise I'll get a modeled picture up soon...

Well, I guess I'm off to work on some projects today. I have some chores to take care of (think as a full time housewife there's any way I can justify getting a housekeeper? ya I didn't think so) then back to the knitting needles!!!!

Happy Knitting!!!


  1. I can accept an 8 a.m. post but pushing it back to 8:30 is just taking advantage. LOL ;-)

  2. Oh, Cindy, you make me feel so much better. Chris' six-year sweater does fit him well, um, wait a minute...he's lost weight this year from the fit him well as of last winter! We will just take pride in the fact that we eventually finish what we start, even if it does take us a longer time than most, right?! And you are way beyond me with the fair isle pattern. I was doing good to finish the cable/diamond pattern.

    Glad you liked the new addition to the team gear. I wanted to get his team's photo with the stole, but Chris couldn't make the rides this week. I wonder if they would have enjoyed posing for a knitting blog?

  3. What we do for LOVE..


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