Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Knitting One Inch At A Time

Not much new to report...

A few more inches on the Natural Beauty Fair Isle, with just a few more to go before I split for the armholes.

The big news? I have one whole repeat done on the Shoalwater Shawl!!! 3.5 more repeats to go! No problem right?

Oh, and I've got to frog back at least 2 rows on the Landscape Shawl. I screwed up a yarn over and I can't fix it by laddering down. Hrumph. So it's off the needles.

I then proceeded to steal those needles for the Shoalwater Shawl. I was using Bates on the Shoalwater and I was constantly struggling with slidding the yarn. I was using Addi's on the Landscape. Well, the Addis are working so much better with the Shoalwater! Hopefully I won't have issues with the Bates on the Landscape (a lot less "lace" on that one, so let's hope, eh?)

I did break down and order some of the Knitpicks needles... just some of the smaller gauge (I've got my eye on an Alice Starmore Gansey pattern) a size 6 (we might give it a try for the Shoalwater, too) and a pair of dpn's. We'll see. I'm a "pusher" so I'm worried about the sharp points, but there are times when I need those sharper points. It I like them, I'll probably get the entire set.

Well, today is one of the few days this week that I've go no social activity going on... but I do have to make a grocery run. Let's see if I can get the fair isle to the armholes?

Happy Knitting!

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  1. Good luck with the fair isle. I hate missing those yarn overs too; it always means ripping back, though it sounds like it had some positive return in the needle switch.


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