Monday, July 17, 2006


Busy busy weekend.

Theresa picked me up nice and early on Friday and we headed off to the TKGA conference in Valley Forge where we met up with Lauren. We fingered a lot of yarn. Some was purchased (heehee). Here's my take:

Shadyside Farm:
3 patterns and enough yarn to make one of the patterns.

Brooks Farm Yarn:
some lovely hand dyed wool/mohair/silk yarn... either for a shawl or a vest

Greenwood Hill Farm:
OMG some lovely natural merino wool.

I got this fish button, but I don't remember from where:

As you can see, I've already started winding up the yarn and even done some swatching. I'll probably cast on something new, but I will admit that I did cast on the Sunrise Circle Jacket (ooooh, I didn't know there was a KAL for this!) in Kathmandu yarn in a yummy green (forgot to get a picture of it). So far so fun! I'll have pics of it for tomorrow.

So that was Friday... let's talk Saturday.

Race Day!
Matt did the Mt. Penn race in Reading PA (if you know where the pagoda/clock tower is in Reading... that's the hill they did. 10 times). Matt did the cat 3/4 race (Matt's a cat 4... 3 is a higher class). Four of the Iron Hill guys did the race: Matt, Bryan, Jim and Tim. Jim showed up 10 mintues before the race started so he didn't have a chance to ride the course. Which was treatcherous to say the least. Started off with a nasty decline before going back up hill. It was a hot, muggy, rainy day (and yes, I still ended up with a little sunburn). Jim decided not to take any chances and stayed at the back and just went tempo (and did an extra lap... wanted to get his money's worth). Everyone had a great race. Bryan bonked on lap 8 and Tim and Matt fell off the lead group about the same time. They both had top 20 finishes, but were beat by 17 year old cat 3 riders. A strong great finish. Tim's girlfriend and I sat out in the humid, rainy weather and cheered them all on. I was even able to do a little feed zone support. Because of the horrible weather, I didn't get any pictures.

Sunday was spent watching Le Tour and then doing some sewing.

The heat is supposed to be pretty bad today so I'll be staying in and working on some projects. Stay cool and Happy Knitting!!!


  1. You are really picking up the bike racing jargon! Congrats to Matt on a good show in such lousy weather. You bought fantastic yarns and patterns at TKGA. The Patrick aran is incredible- maybe my next year's Dad sweater?

  2. Haha! Good taste twins again! The pattern you bought from Greenwood Hill Farm is the one I got at Sheep and Wool-- I love their yarn, and it smells so good. Also, is it just me, or does the model in pattern photo#2 look just like Lauren??

  3. Wow! What lovely goodies! I absolutely love the pattern on the man... the cabled sweater. It's fantastic! But all of them really are.

    Whew, hot here too... great to stay in the A/C and knit away! :)

  4. OMG..that Model does look like Lauren. did make some great purchases and what fun! I'd shop with you and Lauren any time! The Great Enabaler (aka Theresa)

  5. Kristen: oh we eat sleep and breath bike racing in our house. Good thing I enjoy it too, eh? (not the racing part, but the talking part). Patrick is a lovely lovely sweater. Black Water Abbey has a sample done on their site and it's just stunning. I'll be making it for Matt that's for sure!

    Kate: Of course you bought that pattern!!! It's so "us". We do have spectacular taste don't we? Why yes, that does look like Lauren. Hmmmm, maybe she's not telling us something?

    Liz: thanks! There were some lovely things this year and I found some great vendors. Looks like Patrick is the big hit. Hmmm, am I smelling a KAL?

    Theresa: ya that does look like Lauren, but don't you think the male model looks like Trevor Eve (of Waking the Dead)... tasty! So when do we and the model go out to lunch again?????


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