Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Like Totally Gag Me With The Tubular Cast On

That took me all day to do. It's the start of the Greenwood Hill Gansey that I bought at TKGA.

I decided to do the tubular cast on, my favorite for 1X1 ribbing. However, I don't use it a lot and sorta forgot that I needed to do an e-loop cast on with the scrap yarn. Oh, and only half the number of stitches. So my first try I did a crochet cast on and picked up too many stitches. Okay... frogged that first try, check directions for a tubular cast on and go again. Well try two included a little twist that I discovered on the 4th row. Frogged that one. Three times the charm.

It was also pretty difficult to start due to the tightness of the gauge.

However, it's cast on and this yarn does not disappoint. The yarn is simply delightful to knit with. Soft yet with a nice twist. The samples at the Greenhill Farm booth were stunning and I'm looking forward to wearing this sweater.

Here's the other project I've been working on (apart from the Landscape shawl which I'm still working on here and there when I'm sitting in the living room):

The Sunrise Circle Jacket. I've started the darts for the back. The color is a little off in the picture. The yarn is a bit more green then what it shows.

So that's the progress.

Today I'm obviously glued to the TV watching the Tour de France and work on some knitting.

Happy Knitting!!!


  1. Wow you got some really great WIPs! I love the vneck cables!

  2. I just saw a link on Jason Knits to a good tubular cast-on. Fluffbuff.com. I can't see well enough this week to know whether it's any good, but I did enjoy reading the blog. --Sylvia


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