Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A quickie

Just a quick update today, as the Tour already started.

The Greenwood Hill Gansey isn't going to work. I questioned the yarn she sold me (a 3 ply) as being a bit too heavy for the pattern and it is. However, I think it will do well for the Maureen.

We had pretty bad storms last night. A lot of branches came down... and while Matt was out on his Tuesday night training ride. They had a branch come down right in front of them, but not before it hit a power line and blew a transformer. He said it was one of the freakish things he's been on. They found shelter and took cover until it passed and everyone got home safely. Trees and power lines were down everywhere he said. We lost part of our fence thanks to a huge falling limb.

Well, off to watch Le Tour (yay Floyd!!!!)

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