Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Scoop du Jour

I got the left front of Scoop du Jour fixed yesterday. I actually had to frog down to where the sleeve shaping started, as that's where I had added the extra inch. I did pick up the first button band yesterday, but wasn't happy with how it looked, so ripped it out and decided to go ahead and seam it all up (I was going to put the sleeves in after I finished the bands)

One sleeve in and just need to put in the second. Then the bands, some weaving in ends, a bit more blocking and she will be done!

I knew that this was going to be a comfy sweater. I tried it on after I got the sleeve in and yum! I'm still a bit concerned about the sleeve length. I'm not sure shortening 2" was enough. We'll see how it fits after the neckband in on.

Matt's on vacation the rest of the week (he was going to be doing a stage race up in MA, but his roommate had to cancel and it would be too expensive to do it on his own). He's hoping to get some chores done around the house... the stuff that he used to do on weekends before he started racing. I'm hoping we can also sneak in some fun things too!

Off to the grocery store (ugh) then back to Scoop!!!
Happy Knitting!

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