Friday, May 05, 2006

Yet An Other Rush To Judgement

Okay, first let me say that double blogging in one day will not become a habit. It's just you guys are the only people that care about my knitting:

So I decided to try blocking my bias rectangle for the Half Moon Bay Pullover before I finished frogging it (I did frog the side panel that I had started).

Um, blocking is a good thing. Must keep that in mind:

Okay, note to self: block a project before you decide that it's not working. Especially if it's on the bias!!!!


  1. Now that really looks nice- I'm glad you blocked before frogging. Have a great time this weekend, take lots of photos, and bring home lots of goodies to show us!

  2. I'm hoping to see you all there tomorrow, and I know exactly how you feel about crowds.


  3. gretchen3:24 PM

    One of your UFOs is the Marianne Isager Skygge Jacket--have you gotten any farther on this? I bought the kit online from Pinnsvin and have a question from the get go about the directions. Could you please email me at I'm not a blogger, nor do I have a webpage, so I'm just going to send this along and see what happens.



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