Friday, May 05, 2006

Morning Excitement

The picture just really doesn't show the excitement... or rather the sound of the excitement. Notice Jake's bristled back... so what could cause such a reaction? Robbers? Trespassers? An army about to invade our yard?

Nope, it's two very young deer. A major threat to our yard. Well, okay, our dogs are hounds and there is a natural instinct involved here (actually, Gena reacts the same way to chipmonks).

We've been in our house about 10 years now and this is only second time I've seen deer. As you can see into the backyard, it's a fairly developed neighborhood (and our road is steadily busy). I'm always a bit surprised when I see some of the rarer wildlife (like the time Jake flushed out a pheasant... I'm not sure who was more surprised: Jake or the pheasant).

Okay, I think I'm about set for tomorrow. I'm excited to be going to MDS&W, but on the other hand, I really hate crowds. I get very clausterphobic, so I'm also a bit weary. I'm going with some good knitting friends and meeting some more there, and that alone is appealing... add to that all the lovely fibery goodiness and that should balance the whole crowd thing. If you see me, be sure to say hi!


  1. Have a great time, Cindy! I REALLY wish I could go too... :-(

    And remember- if you start feeling clausterphobic, knitters are good/not scary people.

    I can't BELIEVE you guys are meeting at B&N at 5:45 am! Are you REALLY that worried about not making it in time for the bus? LOL

    ~Lauren (Who will be blissfully asleep until at LEAST 8 am LOL!)

  2. Hmmm, would you like me to call you when I get up so you can vicariously go with us?

  3. Thanks so much for the offer, but that's REALLY ok!!!

    Have a great time- I will be thinking of you guys!


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