Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bright Shiney New Things

Let's face it, I'm soooo easily distracted by a box.

Oooooh, such possibilities. Something new to play with... all other tasks get tossed aside for what's in this box!

New yarn? Nope... the yarn budget has been targeted for Saturday.

oooooh, two new games. Well, okay, they're actually both used games (don't buy your games new, unless you plan on trading them in). The controller is new. Brand new, even (yes, I usually buy my controllers used too). I've had issues with static electricity with the PS2 controllers, so I'm hoping that a new one may be a little more stable. I'm also going to be more careful on grounding myself when using it.

Oh, I guess I should also point out that yes, that Half Life 2 isn't even new to me. I do have the PC version. I loved it, but I HATE playing PC games. I don't like using keyboard controls and the whole video/sound card issues really piss me off (and let me tell you that my computer was bought specifically to spec for that game!). So now I have the Xbox version (cheap) and can play it more comfortably (and read my email at the same time).

So yes, I've been playing more than knitting right now. That will change after Saturday. These little knitting things really spark me. I feed of the energy of other knitters.

Not that knitting has come to a complete halt, not at all, as a matter of fact:

The Rose Leaf Pullover (bad color representation) is progressing... one more full repeat, then a partial before shoulder shaping. The Cotton Fleece is working beautifully for this project. The Paton's Paradiso was a nightmare to knit with, but I'm really enjoying knitting this.

The Vine Lace Socks in Regia Silk are also progressing. I may never knit an other pair of socks in any other yarn. Yarn sock crack, perhaps?

Here's my breakfast knitting (now that the Petticoat Jaywalkers are done). A pair of socks for Matt:

Those are the Retro Rib Socks from the Winter 2004 issue of Interweave Knits. I'm using some Knit Picks yarn (which felt nice and soft until I started knitting with the Regia Silk). See you can tell it's my breakfast knitting, as it sits next to my favorite coaster.

So a little knitting, maybe a lot of playing, some laundry (does it ever end???) and beautiful spring weather is the plan for today (we're supposed to see temps in the low 80's!!!)

Happy Knitting!!!!

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