Sunday, May 07, 2006


I'm tired, happy and broke. HHHmmmmm, sounds like I spent the day at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival yesterday.

Woke up at 5:00 so I could meet Anne (who has better photos from our day) and Theresa to drive up to meet Julie for our bus trip down.

Here's Theresa and Julie on the bus (note to self: don't bother taking pictures on a moving vehicle with current camera).

2 hours later (don't get us started... it shouldn't have taken us that long to get there) we arrived in West Friendship, MD and set up camp with some other friends that were staying the weekend:

Then we spent a lot of time doing this:

Well, okay, I did a lot of that.

I had a super fab time. Even if I did spend more than Theresa (well, she was feeling a bit under the weather). I got to meet some online friends and catch up with some distance friends. There just wasn't enough time for everything.

So I bought a couple of things. Not much really.

See, that's not much really. Only 5 projects... I mean Sarah bought yarn to make dozens and dozens of socks. If you go by number of projects bought, that's really not a lot. Right?

So you wanna know what's in the bags I bet (click on the photos to go to the vendor's site).

I bought a Philosopher's Wool Colour Your Own in the Fall colorway:

I've been wanting to make this sweater for Matt for some time. I've looked and looked at it online (ever since I made my Kool Aid Colour Your Own). Seeing the finished sweater convinced me that Matt needs this sweater!!

An other "kit" for Matt that I've been wanting to do for a while. I've had the Cheasapeake Collection in my library for a while, just needed the yarn. Well I have it now! I even got to meet Ron Schweitzer, a complete fair isle genius!

Rosie made me go to the Shelridge Farm booth. I knew I would have to buy one of their kits if I went there, but even I wasn't expecting this beauty. The sweater looks beautiful in person. The cable/lace stitch is exquisite and this is going to be one sexy little sweater for me. As a matter of fact, Rosie has already named it "The Hootchie-Momma Sweater". I'm going to add some short row bust darts so it fits me, but I got it in a lovely turquoise color. Yummy!

I also bought some Bartlett Yarn in a cornflower and dark lovat for da stash (only $4/skein!!!).

So enough yarn to make 5 sweaters. All wool. Hmmm, I might have to break out of this "summer project focus" thing and cast on a fair isle. I do know that I have A LOT of winding to do. Hmmmm, maybe I need a winding party. Who wants to bring their swift and ball winder over and "help" me wind some lovely yarn into balls?


  1. It looks like Matt made out pretty well yesterday too. I'm glad I got to wander with you and Theresa for a while, especially going along when you picked up your Bartlett.

    I'm looking forward to next weekend too.


  2. I'm so glad we were able to meet up on Saturday, Faith!

    Ya, you would think Matt would be thrilled with all his new purchases, wouldn't you?

    See ya soon!!!!

  3. Ohhh, I love every one of your purchases. Bartlett yarns are great, and Shelridge Farm kits and yarn too. I started a SR kit once (Nancy Carr's slip stitch jacket) and it was stolen from my car- arrrrgh!

  4. Looks like you made out really good. Glad to see you had fun.


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