Friday, May 26, 2006

Where's My Spy Camera

Still no new pictures, as I'm so very lazy about using the old camera.

Update on the knitting projects:

Matt's Retro Rib socks are at the gusset decreases. He's pretty excited about the socks and thinks they'll look great.

The Rose Leaf Pullover is still moving along. I'm on the 4th repeat. I'm pretty sure I only need 5 repeats for my short arms.

After reading the Yarn Harlot's blog yesterday (do I even need to link?), let me say that yes, I am very fortunate with my freakishly small husband (his words, not mine). And to think I didn't even knit when we met... but I knew. I knew the way you know a good melon.

Just for reference purposes (well, sort of... I mean they are bikers and they're all freakishly small), here's Matt. He's the super freakishly small one on the end.

Yes, I think I've posted the picture before, but did I mention that I'm lazy and it's the best I can do until my camera comes back (soon, I hope).

Since we have two topics of conversation in our house (that would be knitting and biking... mostly biking), let me just mention that Matt will be doing "The Wall" in Manayunk on June 9th, sometime after 7:00 pm. This is the famous climb that used to be part of the US Pro Championship (which is no longer held in Philly). He'll be doing a 1 km time trial at about a 17% grade. Sound like fun? Actually he says it's not bad... the amatuers only do it once, the pros do it like 10 times (not nearly as bad as the Mt. Pain Time Trial). If you live in the Philly area and want to watch a fun bike race, this is a good one. Weather permitting, I'll be there!

I'm going to try to finish up the fourth repeat on the first sleeve of the Rose Leaf Pullover today. I'm meeting some of the gals tomorrow for a little knit together (should that be K2tog?) and Matt's got a lot of riding/racing/100 mile training ride this weekend. Should give me lots of time to get this sleeve done!!!!

Happy Knitting and for those in the US: have a safe and fun holiday weekend!!!


  1. A good melon?!!! Love it! --Sylvia

  2. I stole that line from "When Harry Met Sally". It's one that always stuck.


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