Monday, May 29, 2006

Continuing with Krappy Picture Monday

A busy weekend, with a little yarn stash enhancing, a new project, and progress on other projects.

My Opal Cotton Petticoat arrived on Friday. Of course I just had to cast on a pair of socks with it. Lovely lovely yarn! I used Liz's broken rib pattern:

The problem is that I used the Brittney dpn's. Just as an FYI: I hate using the Brittney dpn's. As a matter of fact I think that's why I rebelled against sock knitting for so long. They are torturious to use. So I "had" to go get a pair of the Crystal Palace (my favorite... with the Clover bamboo a close second) in the right size.

Of course since I went with Theresa, much enabling was done and we hit two stores (the Yarn Gallery in Reading is lovely, btw. A nice balanced selection of yarns... and a sale room! Inca Aplaca for $5/skein. That's even better than my $4/skein Bartlett!).

I had really hoped to get the first sleeve done on the Rose Leaf Pullover, and I'm pretty frickin' close:

It'll be the first thing done this morning (well after I'm done online, of course). I want to get that second sleeve cast on today as well.

Matt's Retro Ribbed socks are progressing:

They're actually moving along much faster now that I'm on the foot (half st. st. makes it go faster).

Matt had a super weekend racing with great results. He actually ended up doing two races and had top finishes in both. The best results of the season for him. Betty pointed out that it's gotten warm. Duh! Of course. Matt will ride in extreme heat... he's not the least bit bothered by high temps (even upper 90's/100's he'll still ride), but he hates the cold. This was the first really warm racing weekend we've had. Hopefully he'll continue to have great results as the weather gets more consistitantly warm.

I'm away for the rest of the week, but I should still be able to post most of the week.

Happy Knitting!


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  2. Hey I'm knitting the same socks! Great minds think alike.... I'm using Trekking XXL and the pattern from Vintage Socks (has a little shaping down the leg). Can't wait to hear about your shopping trip with Theresa. And I blocked my square, it's ready to go. Oh, except for weaving in the ends. Right.

  3. I like the CP's for socks too. I have to copy down Liz's pattern. Enjoy your day, Cindy!

  4. Kate: you do have superior taste!!! Oh I hear ya about the weaving in ends. I have some of that to do myself.

    Susan: they're just the right length and a good "smoothness". Liz's pattern is great! Easy, fun and looks nice. Oh, and they're elastic! Thanks again for the introduction to Liz's site!!

  5. your retro rib rawks.

    FYI: I HATE BRITTANY's Too! Sorry about the Caps, yes, I feel that strongly about it. Especially about size 1's. CPs are the best. However, I do like Brittany straights.

    Gee, I'm blushing over here... glad everyone like the simple pattern. :D


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