Friday, June 02, 2006

TGI June

It's been an interesting week for me. As many of you know, Joan had some pretty serious surgery last week. She was released from the hospital over the weekend and then she would be home alone during the day. So I went up to stay with her for a few days to keep her company. We had a lovely visit (tho' she is still in a lot of pain.) I was planning on staying until today.

Alas, we had a minor disaster at home, and we thought it best for me to come investigate.

During the night, a seal broke on our toilet in the master bathroom. It flooded very very quickly. Matt said he woke up to the sound of a jet engine. Basically it was all the water pressure hitting the side of the tub. It proceded to flow down into the powder room below then into the family room.

It could be worse. It could be A LOT worse in fact. Matt was able to shut the water off very quickly and limit the damage. The powder room is going to have to be gutted, but it needed some work anyway.

As Julie said, it's good thing the dryer broke before the flooding so we could dry all those towels.

May was a very expensive month for us (MDS&W didn't help, btw). I'm now on a strict yarn diet. Which is probably good, as I have some things I really want to get to.

I did get the second sleeve started on the Rose Leaf Pullover and I'm on the second repeat. I'm hoping to get it done this weekend. I'll be casting on something new after I finish this one up. I have so much pretty new things that are calling to me.

Oh and camera update: the problem falls under warrenty and I should have it back next week (hopefully).

So the weekend will be spent mostly with Matt racing (he's got a race on Saturday and Sunday this weekend) and maybe a little tile/drywall removal. Oh, did I mention he still has to finish the deck addition? It just never ends!

I'm off to do what I do best: ignore the problems and knit.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Knitting is good for that... zoning out the problems for a while. I'm so sorry about your water woes! I'm also sorry to hear your friend Joan had surgery. I hope she's feeling better. You all are in my thoughts!

  2. It was so nice that you could help out at Joan's. Plumbing woes- I hate when that happens. Go on and knit away your troubles!


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