Thursday, May 18, 2006

Krappy Picture Day

The Simple Stripes socks in denim are done. I did go back and add a little length to the foot of the first one and I'm thrilled with how they fit:
I did use do a heel flap for these and I'm still convinced that the afterthought heel is the way to go with stripey socks. I started the socks at the same point in the yarn, started the heel at the same point, etc, they still don't match up at the join. So I'll stick with the afterthought heel for the striped/patterned socks.

I'm still engrossed in my game right now, so this is the only knitting I'm doing. Doesn't keep me from buying yarn. I put a bid in on some opal cotton sock yarn yesterday (assuming I would get out bid: it was a great price) and I know have 8 skeins of sock yarn on their way to me. I guess I can no longer say "I don't knit socks"


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