Friday, May 19, 2006

Bad Mojo

Yesterday was one of those days. Blah.

We had an emergency tree removal done (blocking our satelitte and Matt couldn't do any more trimming). I may have mentioned our tree service guys before. "See Tree, Cut Tree" is their mantra. If an other tree is in their way, they'll take it down. I swear they'll just stop at people's houses to take trees down. They are that passionate about tree removal. Really. Anyway, they come in and remove all but the trunk (it was an emergency tree removal after all) and come back to take th rest down. We have no idea what it's gonna cost.

I then throw a load of sheets in the washer. I don't own a lot of sheet sets. I have one set of flannel for winter and one set of cotton knit for the rest of the year. So the sheets come off the bed and have to be put back on before bedtime. No problem... except my DRYER ISN'T WORKING!! So I called my neighbor Betty and threw them in her dryer. Matt tore the dryer apart and didn't see why it's not working (it's getting power, but doesn't turn on). Hmmm, wonder what this is gonna cost us?

Let's not forget my camera is still broken and just sitting here waiting for us to take care of it.

I also had a little "grooming" accident yesterday (don't ask... you really don't want to know).

Good thing last night was SnB! Sadly, the cardigan that I started in my new Bartlett Yarn ($4/skein...snap) was coming out smaller than I needed. So all the knitting done yesterday was frogged. So no picture, no progress, etc.

Matt has jury duty on Monday. He's soooo not looking forward to it (no wi-fi connection).

Oh ya, it was just one of those days. I think I'll play Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando today (and yes Theresa, the controller does have a vibration option).

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  1. Hope your weekend is better. Too bad Matt doesn't knit or crochet so he would have something to do with all the waiting around at jury duty.


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