Monday, May 22, 2006

What's New

Not up to dealing with the old camera today, so no pictures. Here's a status report:

I'm thru the "Challenge Mode" on Ratchet and Clank 2 except the final boss. I need to finish upgrading all my weapons and get the final two platinium bolts so I can get the 100% rating... oh I think I have a few challenges to finish too. I might not bother, as other than the weapon upgrades, everything left is pretty tough.

After re-reading the pattern for the cardigan I'm making using the Bartlett Yarn (have I mentioned that it was $4/skein?), I realized that I was using the wrong gauge numbers. I'm doing a combination of the "As You Like It" pattern (Design Source) and the Melissa Leapman Town Square Jacket (which I've already done). I really enjoy knitting broken rib, but I'm using contrasting yarn for the pocket ribbing and collar giving it a sort of Chanel style jacket. It's going to be very warm... almost a light weight jacket.

I also got to work a bit on the Rose Leaf Pullover. The first sleeve is slowly progressing. I'm on the second leaf motif.

Oh, and I'm back to working on my FLAK. I picked up and started the left (or is it right? I forget) front. I remember why I've been procrastinating on this: I hate trying to do the front increases with the cables. Of course I could sit down and chart it out...

I'm about an inch shy of the heel on Matt's retro rib socks. I'm very happy with how they're turning out, but it's not a fast knit, that's for sure.

My camera is getting boxed up with appropriate paperwork so we can mail it back for repairs. It probably won't go out until Matt's done with his jury duty (oh, and Kristen: sadly, knitting needles are on the banned items list... but they didn't say anything about the trainer...).

Still no dryer, we still haven't received the bill for the tree removal and I'm off to get a small grocery load today.

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