Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Can't Draw Feet Either...

So the Jaywalker socks done in Opal Petticoat are finished. They are too big. They are way too big. Both in width and in length. It's very very sad, as I love this yarn (and it's hard to get) and I love the way the Jaywalker pattern works in the stripey yarns.

So anyone want them? Maybe someone that doesn't wear a size 5.5 shoe? Maybe someone with Opal Petticoat yarn in their stash?

So, it's a finished project, so let's go over the details.

Pattern: Jaywalker Socks
Yarn: Opal Petticoat
Problems with the pattern: hey, we all know and love this pattern. No mistakes in the pattern.
Changes to the pattern: Well, to compensate for lack of stretchiness (due to the increases), I didn't tug the yarn real tight between needles (giving a little slack for that increase). I think this did make them a bit stretchier to get on and off. I also changed the heel flap. I've discovered that I really don't even like to slip stitches on the heel, as I find that it makes holes for me. While doing the slip stitch selvage makes picking up stitches easier, I just find it too loose for my taste. I also just knit the heel flap in regular ol' st. st.

Here's a detail of the heel flap (notice the lack of holes)

So I guess I should've gone down a needle size? I will wash and dry them, maybe they'll shrink up a bit...

Maybe I'll stick to knitting sweaters. Or playing games.


  1. Too bad the yummy candy stripe socks (with perfect heels!) don't fit you after all the work. Maybe the Someone will have a good trade for you.

  2. Oh, what a bummer! We missed you last night!

  3. They look great! Sorry they don't fit.... darn it! See you on Saturday, rain or shine.

  4. ME...they will fit ME! and yes I have opal petticoat in my stash for trade...

  5. Kristen: I will not give up! Trade negotiations underway. I will make these socks work!!!

    I'm sorry I missed you Susan! Seems like I haven't seen you for a while again!

    Kate: I'm packing my rain poncho! Rain, shine, or sleet will not keep us knitters away!!!

    Theresa: I accept :D

  6. What a shame that they're too big. However, they look marvelous! I've knitted broadripple socks with petticoat and loved how it striped up in pattern but the jaywalker pattern looks just fantastic... great duo, great work.

    Also, sUsAn sent me a link to your blog... I'm going to be knitting Sam the Ram and she thought of you... I'm so glad she did, I'll be a loyal reader from now on. Have fun at MS&W!


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