Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fall???? Already???

I have absolutely no business working on this sweater right now. I have things to finish up, a class to teach on Friday (and handouts to proof), but does that stop me??? Of course not.

I remember when I did my Colour Your Own that the pattern is a bit addictive. It's small little color sections, so you say, "oh, I'll just do this one to see what it's going to look like" and away you go.

That's pretty much what I did yesterday. None of the things I should've been doing...

I really need to finish up the class prep stuff today, go for grocercies and do some other errand type things. Maybe I should hide this from myself until I get my chores done?


  1. Okay, I know you have a bit more time than the average knitter, but still...

  2. well, I do knit with both colors at the same time... and I really didn't do much else yesterday... really, oh, and it is on size 8 needles!!

  3. I know what you mead about Fair Isle, it is addictive! So far it looks great.

  4. those colors are lovely


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