Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Tuesday Blog

Just because my new camera isn't working, doesn't mean I can't scan...

That's a scan of my st. st. swatch for the new Bartlett yarn ($4/skein... snap!).

Size 8 (5.0mm) gives me 17 sts. to 4". A nice aran weight yarn to be sure. I'm surprised how nice they look together! The Dark Lovat is a tweedy yarn with the same cornflower blue in it. That wasn't delibrate, but I'm now considering how I can use them together...

An other scan:

The sock I started for the bus trip on Saturday. Simple st. st. in KnitPicks Simply Stripes in the denim colorway. This turned out to be much more lovely than I expected. I really like the colors (sadly it looks like it's gone on the KnitPicks site). I don't really like scanning socks, as my scanner bed is just a little too small, so I have to kind of scrunch it up a bit.

Yesterday I spent all morning getting ready for the class I'm teaching Friday to our SnB girls. It's on entrelac. I fine tuned the pattern a bit and I'm taking a scan of each step. Eventually both will be added to my site.

Matt took me out last night to a concert... well, okay, it was an elementary orchestra concert. It was really cute: a bunch of 3rd graders playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars" on the violin. Our friend Jim (Matt's cycling buddy) is the music teacher for these kids, so we went to see him in action. It was quite fun and Jim was fabulous. It was weird seeing him in something other than lycra.

Oh and I cast on Matt's Colour Your Own yesterday.

Today will be more class prep and some more knitting.
Happy Knitting!!!

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