Friday, April 07, 2006

Yet an other photoless day

Sorry about the lack of photos, but again I'm off this morning. Sadly, not for yarn shopping. It's mamogram day. Oh joy!

Anyway, I did want to address MarilynB's comment from yesterday. I had mentioned that I don't like to slip the first stitch when I do entrelac and she asked why. Always a good question!

Well, there's 2 main reasons.

If you slip the first stitch, yes it does make picking up stitches easier. However, you then have to pick up an entire stitch. This makes the back bulkier (as there's now a full stitch rather than just a half) and it makes the right side 1/2 stitch smaller as well, making the rectangles even thinner. I also think that the slip stitch distorts the second stitch so that it simply isn't as neat looking from the front. As soon as I have my sample swatch done with the slip stitch edge, I'll scan it (front and back) as well as the non-slipping swatch.

So I don't like to do the slip stitch selvedge. I have to admit, I never do the slip stitch selvage*. I do do a seam stitch, but I use a simple st. st. as I like the look of it and again, I don't have to seam in an entire stitch. Again, I like the less bulky seam and I think the st. st. seam gives a neat appearance.

*Okay, never say never... I do do a slip stitch selvage occasionally, specifically for mitered things like the Diamond Patch.

Well, I should have some good knitting time in the waiting room today.

Have a good weekend. Happy Knitting!


  1. I don't like to slip the edge stitch if I'm going to seam or pick up, except on EOP sock heels. I do slip the first stitch on edges that are exposed, like plackets or scarves. Do you slip on those? --Sylvia

  2. I've never done a placket and I ususally just use a garter stitch edging on scarves... I will slip the stitch if I'm crocheting the edge (like I did for my Leisure Arts Sampler). That's why I should never say "never"... heehee!!!

  3. I didn't even think of crocheted edges! Yup, I slip those too. I almost never use a garter stitch edge on scarves, though. Current scarf is a slip 1, purl 2, then the cable pattern with a purl 2 ditch. The edge curls a bit (intentional) and looks really nice. --Sylvia


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