Thursday, April 06, 2006

More Entrelac and The New Project

I started an other sample of entrelac for our SnB class. I think using two colors really makes it easier to understand entrelac. The Noro Kureyon looks cool, but the woven look of two color is pretty neat too:

I'll probably do one more small sample to show why I don't like to slip the first stitch when working entrelac.

The other knitting has been a newish project. I bought some Cotton Fleece at our last yarn crawl to The Mannings and I've been dying to cast it on. So here's the Rose Leaf Pullover (this pattern is from when Paton's didn't name their designs)

I did do some minor changes. I reversed one of the lace and moss stitch panels and I changed how the increases were done so I didn't break up the seed stitch side panels. So far it's been a fast knit and I just love the color.

Lauren and I had a great time on our little yarn crawl yesterday and we hit two yarn stores. I've got to get all these new patterns I've been buying a little better organized. Oh and I've got to find room for all this new yarn. I also need to knit faster... I'm certainly accumulating at a much higher rate than I'm knitting...

So back to the needles! Happy Knitting!!!


  1. I loooooooove the new sweater. The color, the pattern, if I were Lauren you'd be in big trouble! I guess I'll just have to buy some yarn and knit my own. (Don't worry, I'll use a different pattern so we'll be fraternal twins-- not identical!)

  2. Marilyn B.10:41 AM

    "I'll probably do one more small sample to show why I don't like to slip the first stitch when working entrelac"

    More, more, I want to know more. Why and what you do!

  3. Having taught entrelac before I concur with the use of 2 colors until folks catch on. That will take at least 2 repeats of the rectangles! Once the concept is grasped, the Noro is wonderful

  4. I LOVE the new sweater too- it's gorgeous. The new entrelac bag looks awesome- the colors are great together. Had fun yesterday! See you next week :-)

  5. Look at you breaking away from green! That color is going to be stunning on you.


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