Friday, April 21, 2006

Warning: This Blog May Contain Knitting Content

I did get some knitting done yesterday. I needed to decide between vacuuming up the huge piles of dog hair dust bunnies or knitting and I think I made the right choice.

Almost one repeat done on the back of the Rose Leaf Pullover.

A few more rows done on the Inspired Cables Vneck. Let me say that the pictures do not do this project justice. The yarn is beautiful, with a lovely hand. The color is brilliant and the photos always look drab. Lovely lovely yarn (it's Katia's Bamboo, btw)

I also finished up a long sitting project: Suzanne* from Cool Crochet by Melissa Leapman. I had this baby done for some time, but I had put a white zipper in, as that's all I could find. While at the fabric store on Wednesday, I happened across a pink 18" seperating zipper. Woo-Hoo!!! So I ripped out the ugly white one and put the pink one in. I wore it to SnB last night (FYI: it's warmer than I expected). I'm very happy with it now.

*The photo is not of the finished sweater, but pre-zipper... I'll get an updated photo for the Gallery one of these days...

Speaking of SnB, I browsed thru two "must have" books last night while at Barnes and Nobles. Big Girl Knits and Knitting Nature

Big Girl Knits is a great reference for sizing, even if you're not a "big girl", but sizes start in the 40" finished area (some start at a little larger, say like 44"). The patterns are flattering on many figure types and I can see a couple of projects that might be "must knit".

Norah Gaughan has been a favorite designer for some time... I can usually spot her designs in the magazines. Knitting Nature is a lovely collection of projects that are very tempting.

Ya, I know, I don't need any more knitting books, or projects, but then knitting really isn't a need hobby. If it was just about needing sweaters, I'ld go buy them...

Well, I'm looking forward to a productive weekend! Happy Knitting!


  1. I had forgotten Norah Gaughan had a new book coming out. She talked about it and showed swatches and sweaters from it when I went to her workshop last fall. I love her designs, and know what you mean about being able to spot them, though they are not at all "cookie cutter." Gotta buy it!

  2. love that inspired blue beginning. So cool!

  3. If you do take the plung and get Knitting Nature, I just started a KAL for the projects in it.


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