Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lack of knitting content... again

Okay, I absolutely swear that this is still a mostly knitting blog! I just haven't been able to get much knitting done this week. I just seem to have a lot going on and today won't be much better.

Luckily tonight is SnB, so I'll get some knitting done!!

Yesterday I did one of those most delightful things: jeans shopping. I think buying jeans is up there with buying bathing suits. Not a fun process.

Doesn't help that I have a swayback behind (small waist, low "shapely" butt). It also doesn't help that clothes are so frickin ugly right now that I have no desire to shop. I don't want jeans with sequins or embroidery or any other doo-dads. I don't want "bootcut" or cropped or low rise. I want good ol' plain jeans.

I did end up with a pair. It seems I'm a bit between sizes right now. I don't love them, they're not the most comfortable pair I've ever owned (again, the waist gaps out in the back and they're a little too snug over by "shapely" backside), but they look better than the loose ones I've been wearing.

The rest of the day was spent trying to set the tension on my sewing machine (oh joy). It was too be expected... the machine has set idle for several years now. It's working fine now and I'm all set to do some summery clothes.

Today I need to do some serious clean up. My knitting nest is out of control (and I'm not even doing that much knitting!). Too much stuff piled up.

Just because I hate not having any pictures two days in a row:

May all your dreams become reality.

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  1. I think I've taken over for you this week with the knitting. Usually I'm trying to squeeze it in, but with this blessed week of vacation I'm getting more knitting in than usual. Though nothing like your productivity! Gina is so cute clutching her toys in her sleep.


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