Monday, April 24, 2006


Lots of stuff done over the weekend, but nothing really photo friendly.

Worked a few more rows on the Rose Leaf Pullover.

Worked a few more rows on the Inspired Cable V neck.

Worked a few rounds on the Petticoat Jaywalker.

Fixed a problem with the Entrelac Satchel class sample.

Lined Rosie's Koigu Oriental Jacket.

Okay, that's what I spent the bulk of the weekend doing. We had this brain storm that lining it would help it keep it's shape. The garter stitch mitered sqaures grow. They grow a lot. The problem is that I can't attatch the lining at the bottom of either the body or the sleeves or the fabric buckles. It just keeps growing and growing. So I interfaced the lining around the neck and hand tacked it in. Just around the neck, down the front and along part of the shoulder seam. The rest just hangs loose.

Rosie is going to come over today for a fitting to see how the lining fits. It's hard to tell (The Coat-as we call it-doesn't fit me at all... or my dress form). The problem is that I measured with it laid flat on my cutting table... however, when it's on, it grows about 5-6". Well, the main goal was to keep the neckline from stretching and I do think that the lining is doing a good job of that... even if the lining is about 5" shorter than the jacket.

I'll keep ya posted on how it turned out!

UPDATE Rosie just left with her lined coat and it looked fine on her.


  1. What a good friend you are for lining her coat!

    Sorry to hear about all of the weird goings on today. I hope everyone involved is ok...

    So... will you be willing to help me with seaming Bobbilicious or is it to soon after "The Coat" to ask you that? ;-) Ahhh... how we all love our Yarn Yoda!

  2. oh you will be seaming your shrug... I'll just show you how to do it :grin: but the work will fall to you!!

  3. Ok, can I edit my post? I do know the difference between to and too. That, along with there, their and they're, is one of my biggest pet peeves!

    And how about steaming it??? Do you have a steamer? ;-)


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