Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Continuing with short attention span knitting...

First, I haven't abandoned the Rose Leaf Pullover. As a matter of fact I worked on it yesterday (and I have 2 "leafs"... or "leaves?" done. Let's say 2 repeats).

However I'm in a bit of a restless mode right now and can't seem to concentrate. So what's a girl to do?

Well start some more projects, of course!!!
Yep, I started the Half Moon Bay Sweater. I've started this several times in different yarns, but none on them turned out right (and each time I've checked the errata, it's been different). However, this one makes sense and I'm loving the yarn for it. It's the Wool in the Woods Helix (colorway is "Shy") and it's sooo pretty knitted up. The hand dyed yarns are so much fun to play with. They never look the way I expect them to look from what I see in the hank to how they actually knit up. This one does not disappoint. The colors are muted, dusty pastels.

Now I'm a wee bit short on yardage. I'm not really concerned (I mean I'm talking like less than 100 yards). If I end up with 3/4 length sleeves, I'll be fine with it.

So it's nice mindless knitting in contrast to the other projects that are sitting here in my knitting nest: lots of cables and high concentration patterns. I can just pick this one up and knit. I mean it is the playoffs.

One other little project started, not quite as mindless. My great nemisis: the Vine Lace Socks. I've changed yarn and I'm much happier with how they're looking:
Let's hope these fit...

So today's goal: to try to get an other leaf done on the Rose Leaf Pullover then play with my new projects.

Happy Knitting!!!


  1. Oh I saw that Regia silk at the Mannings-- looks very nice! Why didn't I buy some again??

  2. Hmmm, guess we need to go back then!!!

  3. Both yarns are so pretty. I'm feeling the same restlessness with what I'm knitting, and will be looking in my patterns for something new to cast on which I can wear in the warm weather.

  4. I think it's basic spring fever Kristen! Can't wait to see what you cast on!!!!


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