Monday, March 27, 2006

Too Much Content For A Clever Title:

Whew! what a weekend!

Yarn Crawlapalooza 2006 continued on Saturday. Rosie, in grand tour director fashion, had it all mapped out so we could hit 5 yarn stores.

First stop: Labadie Looms. It's a small shop of weaving, spinning and some knitting supplies. She stocks mostly her own hand dyed yarns and they are lovely. She does carry a few commercial yarns, but we weren't tempted to buy anything.

So off to the next store: Kitnit. Theresa found the $.50 pattern basket and was in heaven. I bought a couple of books (including the new Elsebeth Lavold)

Lunch Break!

Then off to my favorite: Ball and Skein. We won't discuss the absolute disarray we caused there!! 50% off Elsebeth Lavold Angora. I think we all bought some. I also bought some yarn to make the Oat Couture Tuxedo Entrelac Vest. More about that later...

Then off to Oh!Suzanna's. This store is not a good store to visit on a yarn crawl. Even if there's only 4 of you (plus one other customer in the store). Claustrophobic doesn't even begin to describe this store. The store is packed to overflowing with yarn. Boxes on the floor, piles of pattern books. It's an experience that just simply can't be described. I did a little damage there as well. I bought two Not So Plain Jane patterns.

One more store to go!

Legacy Knits. A cute little store with a nice selection, but I had run out of steam and money at that point.

Well, that was a lot of shopping. More patterns were purchased than yarn. However, the some of my new yarn did get used yesterday. I had to start something!. How 'bout the Tuxedo entrelac Vest you may ask... well, that sounds good to me: Um, yep, that's what I knit yesterday. The entire left front... well not quite the entire left front, as I missed something in the directions so I'll need to make side panels. Oh well.

I'm using some Keuryon in blues and greens. I'm using two skeins at a time (just like the directions use for their two color sample) and I'm not worrying about the colors at all. I just work one row, switch skeins then work the next row. I love the randomness of it. I'll do the same thing on the other side and not worry about them matching at all. The back and ribbing will be in black.

I'm still working on the lacy summer cardigan and I'm past the armhole shaping on the back.

This is a busy week as I'm going to try to meet up with Joan mid week, Ann and I are going to a class on Thursday, then Lauren (the originator of the Yarn Crawlapalooza 2006 term) and I are going to try to get out to a couple of LYS on Friday.

The Q&A section:

The Lucy Bag pattern is from Two Old Bags designs. They make some lovely purse/tote patterns. Both felted and non felted.

The Sam the Ram (the picture in my side bar) is from Earth Heart Designs.

Whew, see, I said it was one busy weekend... and an upcoming busy week. I've gotta get some knitting done today!!!!


  1. Wow, I'm envious. All that yarn, all those shops... How could I miss the whole darn thing?? Your vest is so cool! See you soon!

  2. Sure wish I could have joined you. How in the world did you knit the front of the entrelac vest so fast or for that matter, how do you knit anything as fast as you do?! Do you sleep at all? It looks gorgeous of course.

  3. PA sounds like a knitter's dream after following your yarn crawl exploits. The entrelac vest is amazing!


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