Thursday, March 23, 2006


Yet an other fun outing yesterday with 2 friends from our SnB group. Ann and I met Rosie at Old Peddler's Wool. Ann was hoping to find one more skein for her Lucy bag. She's also using a Wool in the Woods yarn, but her's is a thick n thin yarn with a hint of metalic in it. We both also signed up for a class next week on Continental knitting.

Rosie showed up in her brand spankin' new Koigu Oriental Jacket.
I forgot to reset my camera, so the pictures turned out a bit small, but you can see the photo shoot here.

We then hit The Yarn Store on The Farm. An interesting place. She's got her yarn store right in her house. She is closing it down so there were some great deals... including some fabulous Peace Fleece.

Then off to Ball and Skein. While I must say that she had the smallest yarn store I had ever been in, I looooved this store. A nice mix of yarns from eyelash to local handspun. Noro, Galway and Sockotta. However, she had all her Elsebeth Lavold yarn on sale. Weeeellll, I did some damage. ooops. I bought some Silky Wool and some Silky Tweed. And while I'm probably going to use them to knit an Elsebeth Lavold design, Sarah mentioned swatching the Gravel Road Cardigan in Silky Wool.... hmmmm.

Anyone looking for a region of the country with lots of fun yarn stores, SE PA is the place to go. Plus Rosie holds knitting retreats at her B&B!

Luckily, today I am not going yarn shopping and I can actually get some knitting done. The Afternoon Stroll cardigan is going quite quickly:
I'm not sure why my pictures wouldn't turn out this morning, but at least I can show my progress.

Well, one more yarn crawl this week. This is good. I'm almost yarn crawled out, well at least my credit card is...


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Rosie's jacket is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing the pictures of it. :)

  2. Hi there! Great Blog! I love the aran sheep up in the right corner, do you have a pattern for it?
    Actually, I think I love everything on your blog lol Great Knitting!

  3. Cheryl Kissee12:17 PM

    Hi, Cindy! Durn, I wrote a nice long note and lost it when I hit "preview." You know how you never write a note as well the second time? I just wanted to compliment you on your gorgeous Spring Forward, Garnet and Lucy. I couldn't find where the Lucy pattern is from. I do have a thing for totes. I also love Sam. I considered doing him for the Olympic Challegne as well but my better senses took over and I stuck with getting the Am Kamin underway. Thanks so much for sharing and this time I won't do a preview!


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